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Hiiiii you guys how have you been? So I decided to make a another giveaway because I currently hit 2,5k followers which is awesome and yeah I thought I should celebrate it by giving away some stuff  to my awesome followers, so here we go.

The rules are:

  • you have to be following me (this giveaway is for my followers after all)
  • no giveaway blogs 
  • likes count
  • you can reblog as many times as you want 
  • shipping internationally
  • you have to be 16 + to participate in this giveaway or ask your parents if you’re allowed to give away your personal information 
  • there will be three winners
  • Winner’s will be selected with
  • Giveaway ends November 27th 

What I’m giving away: 

You get to choose the size and the name of the member you want to have on the back or the front.

EXO members support dress 

B.A.P matoki jacket

BANGTAN BOYS baseball jacket

EXO women black support shirt

ONE OF A KIND sweater

EXO miracles in december sweater


BIGBANG Backpack Schoolbag

TEEN TOP Backpack Schoolbag (pic here)

B.A.P Backpack Schoolbag (pic here

EXO XOXO first year backpack bag


4minute World mini album

Block B H.E.R mini album

HyunA A Talk mini album

BTS Dark&Wild album

Infinite Be Back repackage album

Beast Good Luck mini album (you’ll get to choose between the white and black version)

Sistar Touch & Move mini album

WINNER 2014 S/S album

Good Luck!! ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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please wait~ your dancing machine mode is now loading…

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jongin totally not judging sehun’s dance 

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OnJongTae shyly saying “I’m your boy" to the fans (+ their reaction after that),
then there’s Minho… (x)

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golden boy  ♥

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Sehun - Elle Man magazine

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